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Temporary Ice Rink To Open

The long awaited temporary ice rink in Milton Keynes is set to open at the end of October and the official opening on the 2nd November 2013. Ian Cooke the managing director said at the meeting that they had now got the a temporary loan from the council so things can now get under way. Most of the items have now been ordered and hopefully everything should arrive in time. However with the Christmas season just around the corner and other people ordering temporary ice rinks the team are hoping the rink barriers will be here in time from Canada. Having the new rink will be very beneficial for some of the local ice hockey teams,including MK Thunder who will now have a base to play their games from. The ladies team MK Falcons will play and train from this rink as will a few of the  other rec teams. Junior ice hockey will hopefully be back to full strength with parents at the moment having to drag their kids up to Coventry to the other Planet Ice rink to continue their training and their home games would have been played from Birmingham. For many parents of the MK Storm hockey team this was not an ideal situation.

The New Rink is located in the Old Waitrose As well as the ice hockey teams, the figure skaters will be glad of a local rink again as the nearest proper ice rink to Milton Keynes is Coventry. There was also going to be an option before the new temporary ice  rink came about for the Under 10s ice hockey team to train out of Hemel Hempstead, however it looks as though that ice rink is due to close as well. So there is a big thanks to Dave Fearhurst, Chairman, and Ian Cooke of MK Ice and all the many people behind this temporary ice rink in Milton Keynes for getting this project off the ground,Supermarket Midsummer Boulavard Milton Keynes.
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