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A Cruise Liner

The cruise ship has evolved as the years have gone on and the markets have changed. The ocean liners although were great for one job they had characteristics that made them unsuitable for cruising. The high fuel consumption that some liners had and a deep draught stopped them from entering shallow ports. They also had enclosed weatherproof decks that were not really suited for tropical weather and the cabins were constructed to get the maximum passenger numbers on board rather than sail them in comfort.
cruise liners

As the evolution of passenger ship design changed from ocean liners to cruise ships we have seen the passenger cabins moved from inside the hull to the super structure with private verandas. The modern cruise ships have added amenities to cater to water tourists, and recent vessels have been described as balcony-laden floating condominiums. On board these type of ships you could find Casinos, cinemas and rows of shops just like you would find in any high street mall.There are usually several restaurants and bars and night clubs for night life at it's best.The only main difference you will find is you are on water instead of dry land.
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